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Saturday, 13-Aug-2022 11:16-AM
Foothill-De Anza Banner Finance
iFOAP Search Help

For Foothill-De Anza Banner Finance iFOAP Search:

Please follow the steps outlined below and your Search request will be processed.

1. Go to URL:   http://reports.fhda.edu:/php/ifoap.php

2. Select iFOAP search key by clicking in the radio button next to any ONE of the five given choices.

Index Code (6-Character Alpha-Numeric) to search for a defined FOAP
Fund and Orgn Codes (6-Digit each) to search for a defined Index Code
Orgn Code (6-Digit) to search for a defined Index Code
Financial Manager's Last Name to search for assigned FOAP(s)
Index Description Keyword to search for a defined FOAP
FRS Account (6-Digit) to search for a FOAP

3. For Index Description Keyword, you can optionally use Multi-Word Search by using a '+' symbol between words. For Example: To search for Description having both words "Accounting" and "Services", enter the Index Description Keyword Search string as Accounting+Services

4. Click on the "Submit" button.

5. Based on the selected iFOAP search key in step 2 above, enter the requested information to search by in the correct field(s).

6. Click on the "Submit" button.

7. After a successfull input verification of the search criteria the selected BANNER/Finance iFOAP information is displayed.

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